Wednesday, September 14, 2016

weird things happened

I am not the kind of person to travel. I'm not but I did.....

I went to Italy. It all worked out. I am a world traveler.

But here's the thing! After being back home for months it's almost hard to believe that I actually did that. "I went to Italy" sounds false coming out of my mouth. These memories that I have circling my brain don't feel like mine. They feel like they were stolen from the sort of person that would get on a plane and travel thousands of miles from their home....which isn't me at all.

I'm a nester, so to speak. I stay home; my kind of social gathering is going to a crowded place to read. And yet, I-ME!-I went to Italy.

But besides all that it's hard to come back to reality.

College has started again. I'm in my senior year of college about to get my English Literature Major with a Certificate in the Classics, but nothing seems normal anymore. Last year when I started classes again it seemed normal; I've had 15 previous first days of school and everyone of them got me used to the routine of it. I buy the school supplies, do the homework, etc etc. But this time? I made all the preparations and do all the homework and it all seem dissimilar. Like this is my first first day of school. I cant help but wonder if it's because I went to Italy, or if there's some unknown reason as to why this time is so different.

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